DT Family Schedule

Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
FLUSHED AWAY {2006} {PG}8:45:00 am1/21/2021
BOLT [2008]10:21:00 am1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME12:09:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME1:01:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME2:40:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME3:43:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME5:02:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME7:25:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME8:14:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME9:05:00 pm1/21/2021
DRAMA TIME9:56:00 pm1/21/2021
SHOW TIME10:44:00 pm1/21/2021
FLUSHED AWAY {2006} {PG}11:34:00 pm1/21/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
BOLT [2008]1:10:00 am1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME2:58:00 am1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME3:50:00 am1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME5:29:00 am1/22/2021
COOKING SHOW6:52:00 am1/22/2021
ZOO WARS 2 (2019)8:05:00 am1/22/2021
TOY STORY 4(2019)9:41:00 am1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME11:33:00 am1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME12:52:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME2:25:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME3:54:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME5:46:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME7:16:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME8:04:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME8:55:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME9:42:00 pm1/22/2021
SHOW TIME10:33:00 pm1/22/2021
DRAMA TIME11:26:00 pm1/22/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
ZOO WARS 2 (2019)12:24:00 am1/23/2021
TOY STORY 4(2019)2:00:00 am1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME3:52:00 am1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME5:11:00 am1/23/2021
DARS UL QURAN SURAH AL ANAM AYAT 144-1476:40:00 am1/23/2021
COOKING SHOW7:25:00 am1/23/2021
THE LION KING (2019)8:14:00 am1/23/2021
THE LEGEND OF SECRET PASS (2019)10:26:00 am1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME12:10:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME1:40:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME3:01:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME4:09:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME5:37:00 pm1/23/2021
SHOW TIME6:27:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME7:13:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME8:01:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME8:50:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME9:40:00 pm1/23/2021
SHOW TIME10:30:00 pm1/23/2021
DRAMA TIME11:25:00 pm1/23/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
THE LION KING (2019)12:58:00 am1/24/2021
THE LEGEND OF SECRET PASS (2019)3:08:00 am1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME4:52:00 am1/24/2021
DARS UL QURAN SURAH AL ANAM AYAT 148-1516:24:00 am1/24/2021
COOKING SHOW7:06:00 am1/24/2021
ARCTIC DOGS (2019)8:12:00 am1/24/2021
PLOEY (2018)9:56:00 am1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME11:30:00 am1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME12:48:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME1:53:00 pm1/24/2021
AWARD SHOW3:08:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME5:35:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME6:50:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME7:38:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME8:27:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME9:16:00 pm1/24/2021
SHOW TIME10:07:00 pm1/24/2021
DRAMA TIME10:53:00 pm1/24/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
ARCTIC DOGS (2019)12:08:00 am1/25/2021
PLOEY (2018)1:52:00 am1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME3:26:00 am1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME4:44:00 am1/25/2021
DARS UL QURAN SURAH AL ANAM AYAT 152-1555:49:00 am1/25/2021
COOKING SHOW6:29:00 am1/25/2021
TREASURE PLANET [2002]8:42:00 am1/25/2021
SESAME STREET - 123 COUNT WITH ME10:29:00 am1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME11:17:00 am1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME12:50:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME2:34:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME3:26:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME4:49:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME6:24:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME7:55:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME8:44:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME9:35:00 pm1/25/2021
DRAMA TIME10:26:00 pm1/25/2021
SHOW TIME11:15:00 pm1/25/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
DRAMA TIME12:05:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME1:49:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME2:41:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME4:08:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME5:31:00 am1/26/2021
DARS UL QURAN SURAH AL ANAM AYAT 156-1617:04:00 am1/26/2021
CURIOUS GEORGE 3.BACK TO THE JUNGLE {2015} {PG}7:47:00 am1/26/2021
TOP CAT BEGINS 20159:24:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME11:05:00 am1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME12:34:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME1:51:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME3:13:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME4:45:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME6:10:00 pm1/26/2021
SHOW TIME7:00:00 pm1/26/2021
PYAREY AFZAL EP 087:43:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME8:32:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME9:25:00 pm1/26/2021
DRAMA TIME10:14:00 pm1/26/2021
Programe NameYearFilm TimeFilm Date
DRAMA TIME2:24:00 am1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME3:41:00 am1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME5:03:00 am1/27/2021
DARS UL QURAN SURAH AL ANAM AYAT 162-1656:29:00 am1/27/2021
COOKING SHOW7:10:00 am1/27/2021
TOM AND JERRY [2010]8:25:00 am1/27/2021
WINNIE THE POOH [2011]10:05:00 am1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME11:30:00 am1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME12:58:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME2:28:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME3:50:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME5:24:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME6:50:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME7:40:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME8:31:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME9:17:00 pm1/27/2021
SHOW TIME10:06:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME10:58:00 pm1/27/2021
DRAMA TIME11:30:00 pm1/27/2021