DHA Teleman (Hybrid Fiber coaxial Network) is the Broadband and Telecommunication Company of DHA, established for the primary purpose of providing Analog and Digital satellite channels to its subscribers, without any breaks and interruptions. Our state of the art broadcasting system transmits your favorite TV programs in crystal clear quality. Our team works 24/7 in order to provide you best quality service. Our transmission service is available in both cities. DHA Teleman offers an affordable and broad choice of channels to meet the viewing needs of people of all ages. You can enjoy your choice of spectacular sports and entertainment, breaking news and stories and in depth reports, intriguing educational programs and your favorite local shows. There are networks for food lovers, movie fans, history buffs as well as local community channels. We are currently offering a 100 premium, high quality Analog TV Channels in a categorized format which allows you to browse the channels at a lot more ease. Additionally we offer multiple Local In-House movie channels with HD Blue Ray quality content with minimum advertisement breaks. This way you not only stay updated with social, economic and political news and updates but you can also review your marketing and advertisement campaign on our In-House channels.

Digital TV offers clear digital pictures and enhanced sound on a broad array of television and commercial-free music channels. Once you have Analog services it is easy to add on the Digital service package. Our Digital Box features 60 high quality, international and national channels not available on normal networks due to the PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority). There are many more advantages with digital cable TV including parental control you can access and manage through your digital remote control. Our network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. You will be able to see digital crispness and will hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theater system, or simply through an ordinary television, you'll appreciate the difference digital quality makes and you'll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services.